The world-famous NIKKALYCO Spray Powder is the finest anti-blocking and anti-setoff spray powder in the industry. This spray powder gives printers a saving of up to 40% in usage. It is made of a high-grade food base starch then chemically treated. This environmental friendly spray powder does not contain toxic chemicals, minerals or heavy metals, which means this product is not hazardous.

 AS-160 Spray Powder

This high grade powder is designed for a variety of coated and uncoated papers. It gives excellent post-processing characteristics by using a minimal amount of spray powder to get maximum results. It eliminates powder all over the press and reduces clean up time. It is suitable for conventional presses, big and small.

 AS-100S Spray Powder

This very fine powder is specially designed to be used with waterless inks and /or plastic film. It has exceptional slipping properties and is recommended for use with digital image presses.

 AS-200 Spray Powder

This medium size powder is designed to be used for coated stocks, especially suitable for thick stocks, carton work, heavy ink coverage or higher delivery piles.

AS-300 Spray Powder

This type of powder is designed to print with heavier papers such as cardboard and corrugated stocks. It is recommended when printing on carton or extremely thick stocks 

CD-20 Spray Powder

This powder is designed to be used for non-coated stocks. It is suitable for carton works, heavy ink coverage or higher delivery piles.

Product Code Product Description Micro Size Coating Application
1100AA AS-160 Spray Powder 20-30 Semi-Coated For Conventional Press
1101AS AS-100S Spray Powder 10-20 Coated For D.I. Press
1100AS AS-200 Spray Powder 20-40 Coated For Heavy Ink Coverage
1101AS3 AS-300 Spray Powder 30-50 Coated For Cardboard Printing
1100AB CD-20 Spray Powder 20-40 Non-Coated For Carton Printing

* All spray powders are packed in 2.2 lbs. (1 kilogram) bags. There are 20 bags (44 lbs.) per case.