Founded in 1914 in Japan, Taniguchi Ink has produced the finest quality inks for the printing trade. The name Taniguchi is synonymous with high quality and reliability in the printing industry. Our U.S. branch was established in 1987 and is located in Southern California.

Highly regarded in the printing community, Taniguchi’s exclusive Process inks and full line of Pantone colors promise a quality product. Our support group of ink color matchers, technicians and award winning customer service representatives are always ready to meet your printing needs. Our nationwide marketing and distribution system assures our customers the highest degree of services. 

The demands of the printing industry have changed, as time has flown by, from Letter Press to Offset Printing to Digital Image Printing, the pressure for quicker turnaround times are rigorous. Technology is changing at unbelievable rate in the printing world. Therefore, here at Taniguchi Ink we have committed ourselves to produce inks that are fast drying, stronger of pigment, cleaner and safer for the environment. In addition, our highly knowledgeable Research & Development Team is continually working to develop new and exciting products at our headquarters in Japan to meet the marketing demands.

At Taniguchi Ink Corp. of America we appreciate your interest in our company. And in a world where time is the critical factor in the race to get products to the market place, Taniguchi inks give the printer a head start.